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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
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"Dear John - Meeting you at the Amspa conference in Atlanta was really my lucky day. Your class was fun and informative. Your consulting skills have helped me immensely. It is very obvious that your experience is real and you are able to pass on knowledge with clarity in a caring way. Yes John, You are Fabulous in every way. Thanks for everything!" - An Attendee at the July 2014 AmSpa Conference in Atlanta.

"I would like to thank John Treadwell for service that far exceeded my expectations. His expertise is complimented by passion, compassion, respect and patience. I was not aware that opening a Med Spa entailed so much research and detail, but in order to succeed, I realized that John's consulting skills are invaluable - so here's a "shoutout" to the Fabulous John Treadwell!" - Jackie - An Attendee at the July 2014 AmSpa Conference in Atlanta.

"John Treadwell saved my practice! My aesthetic business increased *334%* in only one year!" Gerald Pierone, Jr., MD / Facial Rejuvenation FL, Vero Beach, Florida

“John is incredible. He opened my eyes to the marketing and customer service aspect of the aesthetic business that my office was sorely lacking. Since we have worked with him my business has skyrocketed. He is full of incredible ideas and information that I, as a physician, never would have thought about. Don’t hesitate to get his advice, it will take you miles ahead of the competition!" Amy Miller, M.D., - St. Louis Skin Solutions, St. Louis, MO

"John has the ability to walk into a situation and instantly begin seeing elephants in the room that everyone else has missed." Donald E. Clemons, MD, Renovus Medical Day Spa, Johnson City, TN

"John Treadwell is a marketing genius! I decided to take the Suneva company challenge and work for months with John to see how he can help me build my business. Not only is the growth remarkable, but Mr. Treadwell can "Sell a shopping cart to a homeless man" - a sight to behold indeed! All kidding aside, he is enjoyable to work with and helping my patients have their "Oh My God" moments when they look in the mirror and see what I have done is due primarily to his tutelage and guidance. I would recommend him highly. -  Dr. Josie Tenore, Highland Park, IL

"John Treadwell came into my business as a consultant, an expert in marketing and creating Fabulous Practices. I am so pleased with John's complete concepts for increasing revenues while noting and promoting positives already occurring on a daily basis. His recommendations and support inspired me to higher level service implementation. Being honest can be difficult at times but it actually is the kindest thing if handled respectfully. You really brought me to hope. The past few years have been difficult in some ways but i realize now (thanks to you) some of my good points and some opportunities for growth. I can see why you have been so successful! Happy to have him return at any time." -  Maureen Hines, Owner of Aesthetic Therapies, Woodbury, MN

"John Treadwell has been a true asset to our company and has an amazing ability to help a practices grow at a tremendous pace. If you are looking for proven strategies to increase your patient base and grow your bottom line, look no further!" - Joe Proctor, Owner of Bellus Medical

"John is an amazing and unique resource for any practice committed to being the best they can be. He not only understands how to generate practice patient flow through unique events, but more importantly how to create a long-lasting relationship with those patients." - Doug Abel,  Former Vice President, Suneva Medical


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